A Survey on Security and Authentication Issues and Future Trends in Next Generation Networks

  • Ravindra .S, Shankaraiah


With an increasing number of mobile devices, large amounts of data and higher data rates, the current generation of the mobile network is being reconsidered. The next generation networks (NGN) are expected to fulfill high-end requirements, with three features: pervasive connectivity, extreme low latency, and high-speed data transmission across broad areas. This article presents an extensive analysis of current 4 G and next generation network authentication and security systems. We first offer an overview of existing 4 G and next-generation network surveys. We then describe multiple threats in 4 G networks and next-generation networks, including privacy attacks, integrity attacks, availability attacks and authentication attacks. We also provide security services, including authentication (authentication entity, message authentication), confidentiality and integrity. We are also providing authentication and security solutions for networks of next generation. By knowing the drawbacks to IKEV1, as well as the future direction, we identify challenges in new generation networks by supportingIKEV2 re-authentication and re-using new hash signature algorithms.