The Effect of Soft Skills Training in Changing the Leadership Dimension of the Undergraduate Students in the Globalised World

  • Edward David, Dr. M. Vakkil


The challenging working environment in the globalised context has impacted various  human activities including the field of higher education. The raising demands of the employers in this situation expects  greater leadership skills and qualities from the graduates in the employment  process with soft skills. The graduates with soft skills are preferred over the others in the job selection process as the soft skills provides newer dimensions to the leadership qualities of the undergraduate students. This study, included  80 students who  were selected under simple random selection for experimental design with two independent groups. Pre-test was conducted on both the groups simultaneously to find out the awareness level of leadership dimension enhancing soft skills questionnaire with 30 questions with three dimensions related to each of the 10 soft skills. Following the pre-test analysis of both the groups, only one group (experimental group) was exposed to the soft skill training program, while the another group (control group) attending the regular classes. The research findings, of the study with independent samples t-test, indicated a positive statistically significant difference between the mean scores of experimental group and control group. This paper, focusing on the significance of soft skills knowledge proposes strongly the leadership enhancing soft skills training to undergraduate students enabling them for better future perspective.