Dynamics of Customer Loyalty in Mobile Wallets


  • Ruby S Chanda
  • Komal Chopra


The major determinants of customer behavior are customer attitude, ease of use, perceived usefulness and customer satisfaction leading to forming customer habit and eventually resulting in customer loyalty moderated by trust.
A theoretical model comprising of 7 constructs was developed based on review of literature. Initially there were 27 items related to 7 constructs which were reduced to 12 items and 5 constructs using factor analysis which were then subjected to linear regression to test the hypothesis. The results indicate that ease of use has a positive effect on customer attitude and customer habit which in turn is responsible for developing customer loyalty eventually moderated by customer trust. Trustworthy app will help in generating customer loyalty in the long run. There is a gap in existing research regarding focus on customer loyalty. The study is highlighting customer loyalty as an outcome which is still debatable as mobile wallet is a relatively new and evolving trend.