Evolving Role of Hr: A Qualitative Analysis


  • Shirin Sharma
  • Jaya Chitranshi


The rate at which technology is changing is tremendous. Technological disruptions like automation, chat bots, mobile applications and virtual reality are the drivers of this change. The HR has evolved dramatically in response to these technological disruptions. With the fourth wave of disruption happening human resource’s role from business partner is now tilting towards a strategic partner by technology drivers. The competencies required by an HR are also changing with evolving role.
The study is done (i) to identify the drivers that are changing the role of HR; (ii) to outline the major competencies essential to the role of HR in future and (iii) to assess the impact of the evolving role of HR on organizations. A systematic review of literature has recognized the presence of five themes i.e. the role of HR in the past and present, technological disruptions, the process of change, competencies of future and impact on organisations. A qualitative research was conducted in which an in-depth study of 30 HR professionals of 5 sectors is done with the use of semi-structured interview approach. Thematic Analysis was used for analysis of qualitative data and for drawing conclusions.