Innovation in the Study of Gun Detection in Bank to Prevent Weapon Attacks of Surveillance


  • Nishant Thakre


The security in the public places as well as in public assets is needed, because of the increasing visual surveillance. The paper defines the solution for attacks that can happens in the assets places to save the people form such unpredictable and uncertain attack. Gun detection in the privilege places such as bank, mall is very much important for human safety side as well as assets safety. The innovation in the process of gun detection intimated the percent of result for predicting attacker in such places by using the image processing and new object detection technology. In public places the Closed Circuit Television(CCTV) cameras are fixed for the security purpose. The illegal activities are captured by this cameras. The bank robberies is prevented by using this camera and the gun detection technology. These video footage is used to tress and then by using object detection technique and image processing the weapons can be detected.