Exploring Network Capability, International Opportunity Recognition and Development on the International Performance of Born Global firms in China


  • Kian Aun Law
  • Amiya Bhaumik
  • Jiemiao Fang
  • Valliappan Raju


This research paper is related to the internationalization of firms, international entrepreneurship, born global firms, network ability and opportunity identification and development. Secondly, the structural model of born global firm network ability is constructed from the perspective of dynamic research of firm network. This research paper put forward the theoretical conceptual model of born global internationalized performance based on Network ability, analyze how network ability affects the internationalized performance and put forward corresponding relation hypo dissertation. Finally, based on questionnaire survey data, the above theoretical relations are tested and demonstrated by the structural equation model. This research paper starts from the static and dynamic aspects of firm network ability, not only pay attention to the relationship network structure characteristics and quality of firms, but also focus on planning, construction, maintenance and management of relationship networks’ impact on internationalized performance. Therefore, the network ability research perspective adopted in   this paper   further   deepens  the  research  of   the  internationalized performance of born global firms based on the theory of relationship network.