Impact of Network Relationship Management Capability towards International Opportunity Recognition for Improving Efficiency and Effectiveness: Cross Organizational Knowledge Integration in China


  • Kian Aun Law
  • Amiya Bhaumik
  • Jiemiao Fang
  • Valliappan Raju


In this study, the authors use the term "born global firms" as a special term to describe such "accelerated" small and medium-sized enterprises that carry out international operations, and use the relationship network as the main research perspective and analysis framework. Although studies have shown that the relationship network as an opportunity recognition carrier plays a significant role in the accelerated international development of enterprises, it is important to identify and develop international opportunities for how born global firms build and manage relationship networks. Then it affects the key issues such as international market development and performance improvement. There is still a lack of further argumentation in the existing literature. The main innovations in this research paper are:?1?In the research of born global firms, domestic and foreign scholars often from the perspective of static relationship network structure , content, characteristics, quality to do research on the phenomenon of accelerated internationalization of new firms. This research paper adopts the viewpoint of opportunity in entrepreneurship, overcoming the lack of opportunity research in international and born global firm research by dividing international opportunities into two dimensions: the identification of international opportunities and the development of international opportunities, further deepened the theoretical  interpretation  of  international  opportunities  in  the  development  of  born global firms.