Comparative study of Vermicompost formed by Earthworm Species Perionyx ceylanesis & Eisenia fetida for Selected Macro Nutrient Quality


  • Mayank Mrinal
  • Anuj Goyal
  • Raisul Islam


Study was conducted to study the quality of compost produced by two species of earth worm. It was found that Earthworm species Perionyx Ceylanesis commonly called as “Jai Gopal” is comparatively better than exotic species Eisenea foetida commonly known as Red worm. It is due to its various characters like high fecundity, heat tolerance (up to 430C ambient temperature), rich in protein content (of 67%) and presence of almost all proteinacous amino acids. It breeds throughout the year except during low temperature winter. Jai gopal also acts as bio-reactor for multiplication of microorganisms beneficial to soil.This species is also comparatively better with respect to other parameters like number of coccon formed every week, total number of population in every three months, longer life span, smaller interval of time period from hatchling to maturity and the adoption ability from 23 to 430C. Thus these advantages make it more efficient, feasible and durable species.