Geotechnical Study of Some Physical, Chemical and Mineral Properties of Selected Soils in Babel and Qadisiyah Governorates, Central Iraq.


  • Bilal. M. A. Issa
  • Muhsen O. Khalaf


The research included conducting a geotechnical evaluation of some of the physical, chemical, and mineral properties of selected soils in the region between the provinces of Babel and Qadisiyah in central Iraq and within the quaternary era sediments of the sedimentary plain.
The research method included fieldwork for the study area, where eight digging sites were tested and samples were taken for every half meter. The soil was described in the field and the groundwater level was recorded. As for the second stage, it included physical, chemical and mineral laboratory tests.
Through the results obtained, it was found that the soil is Silty clay low to medium plasticity with fewer ratios of sand and it is oscillating in its other properties according to the volatility of the granular volumetric distribution, which is valid in most of its locations with simple treatments to establish the engineering origin.