Multi-Objective Programming Problem for Distribution Generation System based on Renewable Resources Mix


  • Manoj Bansal
  • Pratibha Garg
  • Mohini Agarwal
  • Neha Gupta


Moving towards sustainable development, the inclination towards the use of renewable sources of energy has tremendously increased. The energy loses in transmission and distributed system can significantly be reduced by adopting the appropriate size of DG technology (renewable sources of energy) as they can benefit environment and be economical. For instance, we may need to combine the different renewable sources for satisfying the demand of the region. Here specifically focus is laid on solar energy system with different ranges of energy production. This paper presents the mathematical formulation of a multi objective optimization problem which helps in determination of optimal size of solar panels to be used which can satisfy the current demand. The problem is focused on catering two diverse objectives of attaining highest level of energy saving at the same making use of least investment. For illustration purpose, a numerical example based on different ranges of solar panels has been examined