A Study on Equity Mutual Fund Performance in India


  • T. Velmurugan
  • G. Kumar
  • A. Anbu


The preferences of the investors always change. A study was conducted by UBS Global Research; the result of the study shows that investment preference of the investors are moving towards insurance , post office savings and pensions plans compared with equity mutual funds and shares. UBS survey results shows that the proportion of the investors 47% having account in insurance policy and 33% of the investors having investing  in bank deposits. Even though the Government offering more was saving schemes but the household having account in bank term deposits. There will be lot of expectation and clarification for new comers before making investment in mutual funds asking question with their friends, colleagues for clues. Some of them searching online and others are having some readymade list of mutual funds schemes to make investments. However, based on limited knowledge of their friends, colleagues and others will suggest some funds, some time it will match the investors expectation some time not. Keeping in mind of the above scenarios this paper shows the equity mutual funds performance for the past five years. The researchers hope that this paper will be a value addition for the new mutual fund investors before making investments in Indian mutual funds equity schemes.