Quality Management Practices and Quality Improvement Outcomes of Accredited Hospitals in India


  • B. Aarthy
  • G. Kannabiran
  • G. Suganya
  • B. Aarthy


Indian Healthcare sector is swiftly expanding in terms of varied employment opportunity and augmented revenue. Healthcare organisations aims to possibly achieve highest quality of care with optimum resources available. However, whether the expansion translates into better quality of services and improving outcomes for patients, still remains a question. While it is widely accepted that accreditation programmes have been a predictor for improvement of quality in healthcare, rigorous and transparent examination of successful implementation in accredited hospitals has not been explored much. This study examines the relationship between quality improvement practices and Quality improvement outcomes in accredited hospitals. Respondents for the study included various healthcare professionals’ viz. doctors, nurses, technicians and administrators experienced in NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals) accredited hospitals in India. The study results revealed a positive and significant relationship between Quality improvement practices (QIP) with Quality Improvement Outcomes (QIO). This study will aid in better understanding of quality accreditation being a driver for quality improvement practices. It helps hospital management to add accreditation in their agenda for continuous quality improvement.