Intrusion D?tction Syst?m using Snort with R?spb?rry PI


  • M. Senthamil Selvi
  • G. Ram Sundar
  • Jansirani Sankar


In Today’s world, important to maintain high level of security to guarantee the communication of information in day to day. However, transfer of data in a secure manner over a internet and intranet is very tough to achieve because of vulnerabilities and threats. M?licious tr?ffic ?xploits th? loophol??nd thus, inv?d?s ?nd furth?r s?bot?g?s th??ntir? n?twork. In ord?r to comb?t this issu?, us?rs ?r??ntrust?d with th? n?twork s?curity softw?r? for s?f?gu?rding th?ir own syst?m ?g?inst un?uthoriz?d us?rs. Unfortunately, the various techniques and approaches of the existing systems proved to be flawless for thwarting network intrusion ?ctiviti?s though. Hon?y pot is us?d ?s ? d?coy for th??tt?ck?rs. It is int?nd?d to b? vuln?r?bl?, so ?tt?ck?r c?n ??sily g?t into th? syst?m. Th??im for this r?s??rch is to id?ntify ?nd r?vi?w th? giv?n loophol? within n?twork s?curity in cont?mpl?t? of pinpointing th? common n?twork intrusion b?h?vior. Th? p?rform?nc? t?st for  R?spb?rry Pi is ?lso conduct?d to prov? wh?th?r R?spb?rry Pi c?p?bl? to run snort.