Cable Car with Water Collection for Afforestation of the Solar Hill in Chorrillos, Perú


  • Doris Esenarro
  • Ciro Rodriguez
  • Cristian Aquije
  • Nicasio Obregon
  • Luis Anicama
  • Cesar Arguedas


The present investigation raises a perspective regarding the implementation of the morro solar phone - swamps of villa in chorrillos, incorporated with a trapper system, of 12L of water production per day, to look for viable alternatives that meet the demand for water required for afforestation of the area and thereby achieve a scenario that can be used as a frame of reference in the reduction of water stress in other districts of Lima Lima, the second-largest city built on a desert, has a water deficit of 5, 3 m ^ 3 / s and about 7.7% of homes do not have potable water service. This research includes the analysis of the climatological information and the evaluation of technical variables to prepare the telephone proposal. The project increases the reception capacity of tourism and increases the tourist offer, benefiting local communities economically, improving environmental and tourist conditions.