Slew Bearing Back Lash Checking Importance for Stackers/ Reclaimers and Mobile Harbour Cranes for the Availability of the Equipment-Ports Service Quality


  • G. Vara Prasad Babu
  • M. Pramila Devi


The purpose of this study is to assess the importance of slew bearing maintenance periodically; the backlash checking increases life of the component conforming to design standards. Port and yard equipment’s being considered for backlash checking for optimal availability of the equipment’s. the brake down which is leading to shut down won’t happen in the overnight the sub-assemblies of individual components of equipment’s should be examined thoroughly with proper check list preparedness by which the fatigue sub part can be identified before further worn out conditions and can be brought back to operational effectiveness with in the minimum down time. The ports service quality factor being taken care of by the importance of parts and sub-parts critical evaluation so that the risk priority number of sub parts of equipment would yield the reliable performance, by which the customer satisfaction level will be optimistic.