Mental Health Monitoring System to Detect Criminal Behaviour using Emotion Recognition and Psychometrics


  • Kumaran K
  • Saranya G
  • Naurein N
  • Pratibha P
  • Pooja K


Mental health refers to the proper functioning of the emotional and psychological factors of the human brain. It shows the ability of coping up to inevitable changes or stress that occurs in a person’s lifespan.  Difficulties in handling such situations lead to mental illness. Mental illness can be termed as the behavioural disorder that leads to distress and improper functioning of emotional as well as physical quotient.  An effective way of handling mental issues is consistent monitoring of emotion transitions.  The proposed Mental Health Monitoring System is developed to serve the same. Mental Health Monitoring System is a hybrid design that aims at observing the emotional transitions taking place in the human brain and monitoring them consistently. The human face is an important part of an individual’s body and plays an important role in knowing the individual’s mood. The face is where a human expresses all his basic emotions. One of the “PEN” personality factors is Neuroticism and it is characterised by a tendency to experience the negative effect. In the existing system, the manual assessment of psychological abnormalities might not be accurate as the psychometrics score cannot predict the emotion of the human user. To overcome this problem and suggest an effective solution for Criminal rehabilitation, we propose a hybrid architecture invoking facial based emotion sequence, PEN test and IQ test. By consistent monitoring of a human’s emotion and subjecting to PEN and IQ test, the human’s mental state is routed. Combination of the above three techniques provides promising results for Criminal rehabilitation and self-control.