An Efficient Method of Designing Smart Homes with Smart Technology using IoT


  • P.V.Ashwathy Devraj
  • Yamuna Devi S


The Internet of things (IoT), is a system of combination or integrated collection of various computing devices which may be mechanical or any kind of digital machines, objects or people which are predefined with some unique identifiers called UIDs as well as the ability to transmit the data over a wide network without the requirement of a human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. IoT also focuses on conceptualizing and remotely relating different objects making use of the Internet. Once we focus this scheme to a house or a building, it makes a more intelligent, secure and mechanized way to life. This IoT innovation helps in building a shrewd remote home security framework by which the needful interrupts regarding security or any kind of alerts are being sent to the proprietor by utilizing Internet. In case of an occurrence of any trespasses or any security issues an alert is raised automatically. Also, a similar innovation can be induced for home computerization, by utilizing smart sensors. This paper mainly focuses on the best feature of this framework over the comparable existing framework, that the alarms and the status sent by the Wi-Fi associated microcontroller is intimated to the client on mobile phones from any  long distance, independent of whether their cell phone is associated with the web. The microcontroller adopted in this paper is Arduino Uno board which accompanies an implanted small scale controller and a local Wi-Fi shield using which each one of those electrical appliances can be controlled and spied.