Transaction Costs in The Institutional- Normal Environment of the Transboundary Region


  • V. V. Hoblyk
  • T. D. Sherban
  • Ya. Yu. Demyan
  • O. O. Korolovych
  • Ya. I. Tokar


The influence of the institutional and customary environment on the development of foreign economic relations in the transboundary region was studied, the systematization of the main informal institutions was carried out, the basic factors operating in the cross-border area were determined. According to the expert estimation of specialists of enterprises participating in foreign economic activity, the level of influence of elements of the customary field on the magnitude of transaction losses during the implementation of foreign economic activities within the boundaries of the transboundary regions between Ukraine and the European Union was revealed. The model, using the fuzzy logic theory, was developed to identify the integrated magnitude of the influence of the components of the customary field on various types of transaction losses. Further research of the above-mentioned problems should be directed towards finding effective ways to increase the competitiveness of the economy of the transboundary region, taking into account the institutional environment.