Developing a Strategy for Using Assessment as a Tool for Learning


  • Randa Abdou Soliman


This study proposes a strategy for using assessment as a tool for learning. The strategy focuses on three processes: goal setting, multiple assessments and student reflection. The descriptive method is used in this study. SPSS is used to analyze the results of a questionnaire, which is applied on 23 pre-service teachers in the Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Program. An analysis of the participants’ written reflection in their journal writing, their portfolios and their responses to reflection questions helped answer the questions of the study. Findings indicate that this strategy enables EFL student teachers to perceive assessment as an effective tool for learning. Discussion of the findings highlights how the involvement of students in assessment for learning (AFL) helps them develop their evaluative skills. This study offers insights for teachers, teacher educators and developers of teacher preparation programs on the effectiveness of AFL. Areas for further research are suggested to investigate the impact of AFL on the learning process and stakeholders.