Human Phenomenon: Religious and Secular Investigation


  • Jurayev Narzulla Kosimovich


Man, what kind of creature is he? What is his greatness and tragedy? In the history of mankind, sages have tried to answer such questions. Human research does not lose relevance in the past, neither in the present nor in the future. Until now, the human phenomenon and its extremely contradictory and constantly changing world have not yet been fully appreciated. Not given. As his complex world changes in time, space and time, he updates and reveals unexpected aspects and unforeseen aspects. This is a kind of law of human evolution. On the other hand, we can say that updated thinking, a reflection of civilization processes in the mind and heart, the invisible influence of time and space. The synthesis of these spiritual, moral and material needs is an indicator of the constant renewal of man and his ever-changing phenomenon. Thus, it is impossible to fully appreciate an abstract person with all his being, scale and scale. The mythological and religious interpretation of human origin is represented in different religions, and in essence they have similar ideas. The problem is explained by myths and legends. In the world sciences, the realities of the evolutionary development of man have been studied in detail. It is noteworthy that the wisdom of the West and the East is often closely related to the origin of man. The article discusses such controversial issues..