A Novel Approach for Monitoring the Children


  • N. Ganesh
  • S. Krithika
  • H. Shruthi
  • M. Deepika


Child safety have become a major issue in the current society. Many children are being kidnapped or suffering from many issues. Nowadays many parents go to jobs and are unable to monitor their child while travelling from home to school and vice versa. This project discusses about the latest technology evolved in the signal processing. This project proposes a new technique to monitor the school going children’s and it is used to prevent them from kidnapping and from other sort of unfortunates. This project includes Global System for Mobile communications (GSM) technology to send alert call to parents regarding their children. This system also facilitates the parents by a camera that allows them to see their children’s wellbeing or location for few minutes as soon as the children press the camera button that is attached with the system. This project is based on Internet of Things (IOT).