Strength and Microstructure of Redmud Based Geopolymer Concrete- A Review


  • I. Ramana
  • S. Venkatachalam
  • M. Sivaranjani


The geopolymer concrete has been used mostly in recent years. The geopolymer concrete can be Synthesized by Red mud. The geopolymer and red mud concrete can be tested by using SEM,X-ray diffraction, mechanical compression testing. The geopolymer concrete can be access by their Mechanical properties. The red mud is the waste product that can be produced by alumina refining Industry from Bayer process. The young’s modulus and the compressive strength of concrete can be Developed by the curing process. The curing temperature and curing time can also affect the GPC.The RM based geopolymer is used for the practical application to reduce the production of barriers .The Red mud has a worldwide production of about 120 million tons. The red mud is added in the Concrete to get their mechanical and compressive strength. The Red mud has eco- friendly The Environment is due to trustworthy