Energy Audit of Building System by using Smart kWh Calculator and Building Simulation


  • Muhammad Akram Masoud
  • Nor Azuana Ramli
  • Shariah A


Energy audit is important in order to know the energy consumption in the building, hence, the energy consumption can be reduced without affecting the comfort and operation of the building. This paper presents an energy audit in Electrical Engineering Section at Universiti Kuala Lumpur British Malaysian Institute by using smart kWh calculator and building simulation software. The main objective of this study is to conduct energy audit in the case study area. Energy audit model is obtained through a walkthrough survey of the equipment such as electrical appliance, air conditioning, mechanical and ventilation (ACMV) and lighting. The survey identified energy consumption pattern in the case study area. Then, the calibration was carried out by using Sefaira and the results showed that the most of energy consumption comes from the cooling system which is 50% from the total energy. For energy audit, the total of energy used in the case study area is 426.39 kWh. To obtain the cost of the operation, smart kWh calculator is used and the cost is RM 155.63 per day. Finally, Energy Efficiency Measures Strategy are proposed to reduce the cost of energy consumption. By using energy efficient lighting, the total annual energy saving is 47.52 kWh and the return of investment is 7.8 months.