A Proposed Concept and Platform for Ontology based Personality Measurement Model


  • Andry Alamsyah
  • Muhammad Fadhli Rachman
  • Cindy Septiani Hudaya
  • Rimba Pratama Putra
  • Aulia Ichsan Rifkyano
  • Fivi Nurwianti


Personality measurement (PM) has evolved from taking a personality test or expert assessment into utilizing user generated content to measure personality. Several attempts to create a model for PM has been done by the various researcher using English as the main language. While the PM model in Bahasa Indonesia is limited. Further research is required due to the unavailability of PM model in Bahasa Indonesia, lack of corpus to gain high accuracy, and the urgency of automating the measurement process. In this paper, we develop the PM ontology model by 1) enriching the corpus in Bahasa Indonesia 2) design and prototyping the PM ontology platform 3) evaluate the PM ontology model. Our proposed platform offers a fast and affordable tool to analyze large textual data to measures human personality based on big five personality traits. Extensively, the platform is beneficial to have express analysis process and utilized the insight into various areas such as human resources, CRM, marketing or another process that requires personality measurement.