IoT Based Drainage Monitoring System


  • Amir Arif Mat Noh
  • Zuhanis Mansor
  • Siti Marwangi Mohamad Maharum


The improper way of handling the chemical waste has affected the marine life and resulted world’s water supply being treated like a poisonous waste dump. This paper proposes the development of the current water quality monitoring system that suitable to be implemented in industrial area. The temperature, turbidity and pH level were measured in the real-time through sensors that send the data to the base station or monitoring room. The wireless system was used as communication tools for monitoring purpose and to enhance the efficiency in terms of flexibility and distance. Furthermore, the fundamental design of open-source electronics platform for instance Arduino microcontroller is purposed in the development of this work. Results of measurement to evaluate the reliability and effectiveness of the system are presented. It can be seen that this work can help the user to analyze the water condition in real-time and act as the last barrier for the industry to ensure the water is clean before it was being release to the river.