Preparedness and Response from Government Authorities towards Pollution on Marine Ecosystem


  • Ismila Che Ishak
  • Muhammad Safuan Che Wan


Environmental pollution is affected by pollution and caused harmful to marine life and humans. Among the factors contributing to pollution are human errors, technical errors and natural disasters. This study focuses on the roles by related marine authorities towards pollution on the marine ecosystem in order to prevent the pollution on the marine ecosystem. The elements highlighted in this study are the preparedness and response that selected and straightly approach from marine authorities based on source of oil spill and effect of oil spill. The sources of the oil spills are human errors, technical errors and natural disaster.  Meanwhile, the elements of effects of the oil spills are marine mammals, and economy for local community. The scope of the study is at Pangkor Island, Perak, Malaysia. This research aims to identify the main elements identified as factors of pollution that cause from oil spill sources oil spill in term of marine authorities feedbacks and survey that concisely happened at Pangkor Island. Pangkor Island is selected as research scope in this research because of its location that attracting tourists for marine ecosystem as well as important for fisherman activities. 77 respondents participated in the questionnaire survey. The data were analyzed using the Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) for descriptive analysis, mean analysis and pearson correlation analysis. The result indicated that technical error gives the highest mean analysis which is 4.56 from SPSS results and shows as one of the major source of oil spill which have been agreed by the marine authorities. The Pearson correlation coefficient between technical errors towards preparedness and response poor positive relationship showed a positive relationship at coefficient are 0.255 and 0.181 respectively. The both values are based on one selected element for preparedness and responses. The result of the correlation analysis has proved that the preparedness and response of the oil spill were influenced by steps and precaution measurements.