Creating Brand Awareness through YouTube Advertisement Engagement


  • Arman Hj. Ahmad
  • Izian Idris
  • Jian Xiang Wong
  • Ilham Sentosa Anwar Malik
  • Ridzuan Masri
  • Siti Suhana Alias


Online advertising such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and others have become one of the profitable and user-friendly platform for advertisers. Thus, more and more advertisers adopted the idea of online advertising. However, it is difficult to engage the consumer or viewers from this platform. YouTube is one of the fastest growing online platform. Thus, this research focuses on the significance of using YouTube advertisement as the platform in generating and building brand awareness. 280 respondents were conveniently recruited for data collection and further data analyses. All questionnaires were successfully handed out to each respective respondent. As predicted, research has shown that the advertising engagement do significantly related in creating brand awareness in the YouTube platform. This research has contributed to the new understanding in helping advertisers, marketers, Small-Medium Enterprise (SME) and new start-ups companies in reaching more consumers by using the right strategies in YouTube advertising and reducing their advertising cost by knowing the right tools to use.