Design and Realization of Corner Reflector Antenna for RF Energy Harvester at 600 MHz Frequency


  • Rifki Fathurrahman
  • Radial Anwar
  • Yuyu Wahyu


Microstrip antennas can be applied in many systems, one of which is the harvesting of radio frequency (RF) energy. However, the low gain characteristics of microstrip antennas cannot be avoided. For that reason, reflector is used to increase the gain. This paper presents a design of microstrip antenna with reflector to harvest RF energy from UHF TV. Defected Ground Structure is adopted in the microstrip antenna, to obtain a suitable bandwidth. While a corner reflector is used to achieve a relatively high gain and unidirectional radiation pattern. The results show that the proposed antenna is able to cover all of allocated frequencies for UHF TV in Bandung, Indonesia. The gain is relatively high, up to 7.94 dB at 600 MHz, with low return loss, down to -20.982 dB. The antenna has been tested with rectifier circuit and it is able to produce voltage slightly below 1 Volt.