Empowered Women: Improved Commitment, Earnings and Productivity in the State Gujrat (with Particular Reference to SEWA)


  • Rita Jain


Female "empowerment" has gradually turned out to be a policy aim, both in itself and as a path in accomplishing other developmental objects. Microfinance, exclusively, has often been included, but not without disagreement, as a means to empower women. Here, with the aid of a randomly selected controlled check, we learn whether there is a reach and accessibility exist or not to pave the path towards on growing female power to take decision in the limits of family circle. We begin by finding favourable inputs, mainly from the area of female living in below the average or whom does not having any decision power in their families and we conclude that now the female has the power to buy useful and necessary items in family and shifted to below average to above average category.
Need for empowerment stand up due to male domination from last many decades and it has to be removed to develop a healthy country. They are treated always as secondary in not only in their family but at workplace also so it is a great need remove this discrimination for progress in all over the world specifically in India.