Detection of Abnormal Findings in Human RBC by Analysing Sickle Cells Anemia with MATLAB Image Region Analyzer


  • Ahmad Sabry Mohamad
  • Muhammd Noor Nordin
  • Siti Mursalina Mohamad
  • Tengku Ahmad Syukran Iman Danial Ku Yussof
  • Roszymah Hamzah


Sickle cell disease (SCD) is a blood disorders that referring to the abnormality in the of the oxygen carrying protein, hemoglobin that are found in red blood cells (RBC). This disease is inherited from a parent which can be detected as early or begin from age 5 months and the common attacks or symptom such as anemia, hand and feet getting swelling. The disease can be detected by using blood test and it is recommending to test babies during newborn or at birth, it also possible to run a testing during pregnancy month as the early detection because it just a small percentage of patients of SCD can be cured only be doing a transplant of bone marrow cells. Abnormalities such as sickle cells disease causes the shape of the RBC to be of a crescent nature. The idea of diagnosing digitally and automatically using a simple program will prove very useful and will help the diagnosing process. Each individual red blood cell will be calculated by using the eccentricity formula of which will determine the roundness of specific cell computed by MATLAB. This pre-diagnosis really useful for medical officer who work at pathology and haematology laboratories at the hospital.