Implementation of Improved Forward Chaining Method using Certainty Factor on Web-Based Application in Resulting First Disease Prediction


  • Muhammad Barja Sanjaya
  • Ady Purna Kurniawan
  • Rinez Asprinola


Expert system is one of the disciplines in the era of information technology that is increasingly being discussed day by day. Forward Chaining (FC) is one of the expert system methods that can be applied and juxtaposed with medical disciplines. FC is used to formulate an outline in determining a type of general and mild disease suffered by a patient. FC forms rules that are adjusted to the description of the explanation of a doctor or a medical expert. The rules that are formed are a series of answers or responses to questions raised by the doctor to his patient. However, reviewing the results of other previous related studies, it was found that the FC method was very inadequate to be applied in the current era. Therefore, this research proposes an improvement on the implementation of FC in the form of pairing and combining Certainty Factor on some or all indicators that are adjusted to the survey results. Certainty Factor is needed to strengthen the results of the final conclusions obtained from the FC method. The combination of FC method and Certainty Factor is implemented in web-based application to produce the prediction the types of diseases experienced by students during their academic studies. The examples of diseases types that are commonly experienced such as dizziness, typhus, diarrhea, colds, vomiting, magh, cough, flu, fever, throat or even blood pressure.