Influence of Size Effect on Torsional Strength of AA6061 Miniature Specimens


  • R. L. Sankarlal
  • K. Kalaichelvan
  • S. Sathishkumar


A Micro Torsion Testing Machine (MTTM) has been developed indigenously using sensors, torque transducers and rotary encoder for testing the torsional strength of miniature specimens. This machine is especially designed for testing specimens of Aluminium, Copper and their alloys. This machine would also be useful for testing various miniature level nuclear materials, composites and biomedical implant rods etc for their life assessment and experimental observations. In the present study, the size effect on the torsional strength of AA6061 specimens were studied by comparing the properties of specimens at micro and macro level dimensions. As the dimensions of these specimens are different, their strength and response due to torsion load were determined using conventional Torsion testing Machine and Miniature Torsion Testing Machine and then compared. The test results were observed manually and also using simulation software. For observing reliable results, the data Acquisition system is incorporated in the MTTM and conclusions were made.