Comparative Analysis of Mechanical Properties in Aluminium Based Metal Matrix Composite


  • Prabhu V
  • Subashini M
  • Bino J


Composites are focused on introducing a product made up of lightweight material which could replace conventional ferrous and non-ferrous alloys. Aluminium is one of the most commonly used metals for the production of metal matrix composites. Aluminium-based metal matrix composites are sought over other matrix-based composites in the field of aerospace, automotive and marine application due to its valuable mechanical properties. The usage of Aluminium lowers the density, coefficient of thermal expansion, Improves the corrosion and wear resistance as compared to the conventional counterparts. Al-Zr system is used to form a thermally stable strengthening phase in high-temperature aluminium-based casting alloys. These alloys have good strength at elevated temperatures. Zirconium strengthens the alloy by a precipitation hardening mechanism and chromium further enhances the strength of the alloy. Different specimens are fabricated with varying the composition of Zirconium to achieve optimum performance of the alloy for the required application. A comparison of properties between the different alloys is performed by various testing methods and analysing the results with mathematical values of the standard component.