Effect of Ply Angle on the Burst pressure of Composite Pressure Vessels by Filament Winding


  • Tamara Saif


Composite pressure vessel is important structure in different application include pipe and pipe under pressure , the closed system pipe under high pressure and temperature such as gas pipe line and aircraft structure . because of the characteristics of polymer – composite as alternative of heavy materials as metal of various application. The current work focus on the study of strength phase orientation and there properties on the burst pressure strength and other parameter ,which are very important in design and manufacture of these vessel such as selection of type of strength phase nylon 6,6 and philosophy of mixing of there type of fiber with matrix material (epoxy). The work also include the study the effect the two layer angle ply [0/90],[55/-55],[75/-75] and implementation the different material testing to evaluate the toughness and stiffness of these vessel and compare the experimental result with theoretical result. The filament winding apparatus was designed and executed to manufacturing of different type patron according to these angle of ply nylon fiber the mechanical tensile test ,drop test ,pipe stiffness test ,hydrostatic pressure test are use to test these vessel . The results shown that ply orientation [75/-75] have high tensile properties , high toughness, high stiffness result , high impact result , high burst pressure result than other ply orientation . so that [75/-75] ply orientation is optimal angle of vessel. Tensile test shown that [75/-75] ply orientation sample have higher properties in two direction longitudinal and transverse direction than other samples.