Trends and Developments of e-Banking in India


  • Revati Ramrao Rautrao
  • Vidya Nakhate


A strong banking sector is essential for the flourishing economy. The failure of the banking sector could have an associate adverse impact on alternative sectors. A powerful national economy is central to the target of strengthening the important economy and for it's healthy and orderly growth. e-Banking is one amongst the non-financial services extent banking activities regenerate into electronic devices for all payments and receipts getting ready technical aspects. Banking services square measure straightforward and fast ways that of economic dealings exchange of demand draft, clearing system, RTGS is that the electrical device of technical strategies transfer of communication through on-line. The banking sector prepares the analysis of the finance to scale back the value of expenditure and management time management able to prepare effective strategies of electronic records. non-public sector banks fixing distinctive services of e-banking contribute very quality aspects of data technology sharing many-sided services in a very systematic manner. several banks quickly completed that they square measure are an important range of consumers wish to do banking electronically.