Estimation of Rock Mass by the Ultrasonic Method for Determining the Degree of Inhomogeneity


  • Yastrebova Karina Namidinovna
  • Moldovan Dmitriy Vladimirovich
  • Chernobay Vladimir Ivanovich


The task of determining the homogeneity of the rock mass, as well as its fracturing and blocking, is always an important task in mining, regardless of the method of development of the field. The quality of the extracted mineral will depend on how these parameters are determined, and most importantly, the reliability and stability of the mine workings, and therefore the health and life of the workers. It is difficult to solve this problem for several reasons: the first is the constantly changing geological conditions in connection with the advancement of the front of mining or tunneling. The second problem is the complexity of the measurements themselves inside the mass. The speed of the wave can be determined by the time it takes to travel through a given distance. In practice, such a problem is difficult to solve, due to large errors, since access to them is possible only through wells. The paper shows the possibility of determining the heterogeneity coefficient of a mass of wells by the ultrasonic method using a three-point measuring scheme.