Impact of Low-Cost Housing System in the Global Economic Condition

  • Kotnani Sravani
  • Kone Venkatesh


This study is designed to analyze the impact of low-cost housing project and its impact on the economic development in a global context. Administering such a vast topic through secondary data collected on the basis on reliability and validity of the relevant ideas and connect is crucial and needs proper understanding of the topic. Delivery of a complete idea regarding the economic components and analysis based on literature review through economic models and technology interventions has facilitated this study with versatility. Observations done based on global perception of low-cost housing has changed the economic condition of the low- income community, however problem can be identified through various financial, social, political and technical aspects. The primary aim of the research is to identify the impact on the global economic standard due to the implementation of the latest design technique for housing construction. Such techniques reduce the housing cost without affecting the strength of the building