Yoga Philosophy in Present Time


  • Thagendra Chutia


The greatest malady affecting our country today is the crisis of character. The children getting education in school, colleges and universities are losing their idealism and are living in a spiritual vacuum.  It is the result of unwise materialistic approached and undisciplined application of human faculties. The rapid growth of science and technology results in bodily comforts but creates imbalance between human and nature and increasing evils in every aspect of our society. There is so much poverty, illness and ceaselessness which prove that there is something basically wrong with our ways of thinking, our life style, our inter-personal relationships and basically in our education system. The youth are taught to lead life blindly, without really knowing who actually they are, what the ultimate purpose of life is, what should be the duty to us and towards the society etc.etc. A major part of the youths are suffering in  guilt ,shame ,hopelessness  ,despair , failure  ,anxiety and humiliation which causes serious problems in life, be at home, work or during social interactions.  In the present education system besides much deficiency one of the most important one is Emotional Illiteracy. Emotional literacy includes emotional and social skills, management of anger, aggression, alcohol or drug dependency, sexual abuse etc. Therefore to channelize our emotions to positive direction one compulsory agenda should be adopted by the educational institution specially the higher education. And this is Yoga Education. Man is neither mere intellect, nor the gross animal body, nor the heart or soul alone. A harmonious combination of all the three required for the making of the whole man for a perfect society. Yoga as a balancing principle has the capacity to make the whole man because philosophy of yoga is cauterized as encompassing the head, the heart and the hand.