The Knowledge Management, Product Innovation, and Process Innovation as Antecedents of Sports Manufacturing Firms of Thailand


  • Jetsalid Angsukanjanakul
  • Komkrit Rattamanee
  • Patinya Boonpadung


The main purpose of the currents study is to explore the nexus knowledge management, product innovation, and process innovation as antecedents of sports manufacturing firms of Thailand In order to analyze the relation of operational performance and knowledge management processes, a theoretical framework has been developed through innovation of product and processes in the manufacturing companies of Jordan. Based on this research, it was revealed that there is a significant and positive influence of knowledge management on both innovation types (innovation of product and processes). When innovation is considered as a competitive strategy by the manufacturing companies, they are required to start knowledge management program for supporting innovation. It has been indicated by the research findings that the innovation of process influences the operational efficiency in a positive way. However, innovation of product does not create an influence. There is need for the companies to focus on the innovation process, which aim to improve their operational performance. The study has used survey-based methodology and SEM-PLS is employed to analyze the data. This contributes to the improvements in quality, reduction of cost, and upgrading of response. Innovation of product can result in various benefits along with operational performance of the organization.