Social Media: Affecting Client Satisfaction in B2B Sale


  • Thaniya Pongsiri
  • Sudawan Somjai
  • Avasada Pocmontri


Social media provides a platform for communication between purchaser and seller, and more engagement via social media might increase productive outcomes for sales firms if salesperson use it to support their behaviors. From value creation perspective, this study examined the facilitating impacts of salespersoninteracting information behaviors among social media and client satisfaction. Utilizing seller-stated details, under business to businessframe, we empirically investigate a model using structural equation modeling. Seller’s utilization of social media has been found to influence information interacting behaviors, which increase seller response capacity and client satisfaction. In addition, seller response capacity has seen to have a productive coordination with client satisfaction. We recommend that social media performs a most significant responsibility in interacting information to client, but as a predecessor increasing seller attitudes to enhance client satisfaction instead of a direct factor. This helps managers to closely examine the objective regarding social media utilization of their sales force.