Internet Banking-Measuring Users' Satisfaction in Haryana


  • Naaz Gorowara


With reference to the Indian economy, the banking sector plays a very crucial role by acting as a changing agent contributing to the socio- economic development of the country.. Financial liberalisation has opened the doors for many new foreign banks along with new financial institutions. With them comes new technological innovations and aspects of providing services Banking Industry views Internet banking as new and improved way of conducting banking transactions in a secure way. Internet banking offers a wide range of services and facilities. Internet is a significant tool used for communication in today's technology driven competitive business scenario in Haryana. The paper intends to analyse the influence of internet banking services on the level of satisfaction of the customers in Haryana. Customer satisfaction is a key element that attracts customer retention, increased loyalty and post -purchase intention of the customer. It is crucial for all business organisations to meet the expectations of the customers thereby leading to customer satisfaction. Service Quality is stated as a comparing the expectations with the performance.. Each banking offers an array of services to its customers. Services can neither be standardised nor can been compared due its intangible nature. Nevertheless, with the introduction of new technology , e-banking has grown rapidly, The banks providing Internet banking services need to take into consideration the needs and expectations of its customers. It is important to carefully observe all the internet banking services performed by banks so as to regularly and constantly measure the satisfaction level of the customers with respect to Internet banking services. With this motive Satisfaction level of the Customers is examined by taking the help of various service quality dimensions. The most popularly used model for evaluating the quality of service is the SERVQUAL model developed by (A. Parasuraman, V. Zeithaml and L. Berry,1988) .SERVQUAL model is the most commonly used instrument for confirmatory factor analysis.