TEELR: Trust enhanced Energy Efficient Load balanced Routing for Ad hoc Networks


  • V. Kalpana
  • C. Shyamala


Ad hoc network is an indivisible part of wireless networks. Mobile ad hoc network is a kind of ad hoc network where mobile nodes are communicated randomly. In existing research works, it is difficult to find the reliable path and find balancing of load in the network. In this research work, Trust enhanced Efficient Load balanced Routing is developed to improve energy efficiency. In first phase of the proposed protocol, multipath routes are discovered by obtaining the route construction and route maintenance. In second phase, reliability of routes is found with maximum packet delivery ratio. In third phase, the energy is improved by selecting reliable nodes and paths. The proposed protocol is simulated using network simulator tool. It outperforms better than existing schemes in terms of performance metrics like packet delivery ratio, load balancing ratio, overhead, network lifetime and route reliability ratio.