Level of Awareness about Pradhan Mantri “MUDRA” Yojana among Small Scale Entrepreneurs: Special Reference to Mysore City


  • Cauvery Ashok
  • Sunayana N


This paper empirically studied the level of awareness about the Mudra Yojana scheme amongst small scale entrepreneurs. Various schemes were introduced by the government which will help the weaker low-income people. The present study shows the level of awareness of Mudra Yojana among the public is less in comparison to other schemes that are available to the MSME sector. In order to support MSME, various PMMY schemes were launched by the government. This study includes various literature reviews to decide the right component. The aim of the study is to provide various modes of awareness to entrepreneurs. Data was collected through a well-framed questionnaire and direct interviews were conducted in the Mysore city. The sample size is 50 respondents, more women entrepreneurs were approached to collect and analyze the data and draw conclusions.