An Assessment of the Impact of Longwall Panel Width on the Height of Complete Groundwater Drainage in Underground Thick Coal Seam Mining


  • Oleg Kazanin
  • Andrey Sidorenko
  • Natalia Koteleva
  • Dariya Belova


The main goal of the study is to assess the impact of longwall panel width on both the height of complete groundwater drainage above the coal being mined and water inflows into panel workings. Based on a literature review, the authors summarize the results of studies which have been conducted on the issue under consideration. By calculating the parameters of complete groundwater drainage using methodological approaches and regulatory documents currently available, it is shown that these approaches and documents have major drawbacks which make reliable forecasting of complete groundwater drainage parameters impossible. It is suggested that a numerical method should be used as it permits taking into account both the geometrical parameters of the zone above a longwall panel and the properties of rocks in this zone. The results of a case study using data from the mine named after V. D. Yalevsky are presented and a conclusion is made that increasing longwall panel width would be impractical.