Health-Benign Preservative Potency of Synthesized Flavonoids through Antimicrobial, Antioxidant and Cytotoxic Activity


  • Mst. Marzina Khatun
  • Shuchismita Dey
  • Md. Ekramul Islam
  • M. Azizul Islam
  • Bilkis Jahan Lumbiny


South Asian countries are mostly agrobased and advancing food and beverage industries would largely depend on proper preservation of agroproducts. Chemical additives like preservative, color, dye, fragrance etc. have become a serious concern as these are taken by human body or used externally everyday. Very often these create some health problems as these are toxic, allergic and sometimes carcinogenic in nature. So there is a continuous effort to reduce the health risks through the use of natural, health beneficiary, cheap and easily available additives in this recently growing potential field. Preservatives usually inhibit the spoiling of food constituents or other things by inhibiting the growth of microorganism or air oxidation. Naturally occurring color pigments flavonoids specially chalcones and related compounds have withdrawn intensive interest as these are free from harmful nitrogenous chromophore (-CO-CH=CH-) with numerous biodynamic properties. Some analogues of natural chalcones being synthesized and characterized by spectral techniques (UV, IR, 1H and 13C NMR). Finally screened through antimicrobial, antioxidant and cytotoxic activity. Most of the compounds show very high antimicrobial activity against G+ and G? bacteria as compared to standard. Specially 2?, 5?-dihydroxy-2, 4, 6- trimethoxychalcone, an orange-red dye showed very high antioxidant activity, IC50 0.92 at DPPH modeling and very less cytotoxicity LC50 71.75. Moreover, some chalcone have very good potency as colorant as produces transparent and appealing color while added to carbomer gel, major ingredients of cosmetics, ultrasonic, ECG gel etc. Gel forms remained undisturbed with constant pH for 6 months. So the observation is very much supportive and indicative of high prospects of chalcone as s food, beverage, cosmetics additives for a healthy and green society.