Mediating Role between Authentic Leadership, Organizational Commitment on Talents Turnover Intention: in Palestine Higher Education


  • Tamer M. Alkadash


This study seeks to examine the relation between global authentic leadership represented in global organization commitment with three compounds (effective commitment, normative commitment and affective commitment), and talents turnover notion to drop out through job satisfaction as a mediating and in higher education in Palestine. This model is then tested through adopting data from a sample (N=235) of professional workers in fifteen universities and colleges in Palestine. The result indicates that the significant and positive relationship the authentic leadership has is indicated within the direct and indirect effects on talent turnover intention in higher education in Palestine. The result of the mediating test shows that both variables are full mediate. Henceforth, the study may be helpful for the higher education in Palestine, HR, management and policy makers to develop an applicable and suitable understanding about the importance of authentic leadership that would decrease the level of talent turnover notion in the higher education in Palestine. The study attempts to explore the important issue as well as call for more researches in this domain.
The most significant findings can confirm the hypotheses of the study that concern testing; if there are relations between authentic leaderships, organizational commitments through job satisfaction as a mediator. Hence, this paper can add some value to the pool of knowledge about the higher education within Palestine by analyzing the relation between authentic leadership and the organizational commitments on the meditational effect and talent turnover intention.