A Review on Risk Factors Encountered by Contractors in Construction Projects


  • Fatin Nur Ashyqin Shamenan
  • Noraini Hamzah
  • Muhamad Azry Khoiry


Construction projects are very complex and may carry various risks. The risk of construction projects are natural because internal factors that occur during the period are bound to develop. Mega projects are subject to crucial risks during construction and for completion within schedule and planned budget. Therefore, due to various risks associated with mega-building, such as commercial centers, bridges and skyscrapers, a large number of losses occur. The purpose of this review is to analyze risk factors focused on Drewin's Open Conversion System (DOCS) theoretical framework for the development of hold-up on the construction industries in time. This paper reviewed 77 published articles relevant to the study of risks in construction projects. Throughout the studies, the authors stated the internal factors that later were classified according to their risk categories. By adapting DOCS to classify those internal factors in this study, three foundations are identified namely internal environment, input factor, and external factor. This framework identifies items that cause delays in construction projects, which will enable practitioners through their initiatives to manage risk analysis. The implication of this review is now that constructed framework on factors of risks in construction projects will lead to better management of risks