Performance of Concrete Partially Replaced with Seashells and Coconut Shells as Coarse Aggregates


  • Rajkumar R
  • Priyadharshini K.P
  • Kamaleswari T
  • Kavya L
  • Vishvaa R.S


This study involves partially replacing seashells and coconut shells as coarse aggregates in varying proportions individually and testing their properties like Compressive Strength and Tensile Strength. Various properties of the sea shells and coconut shells were determined. The study involved preparation of 5 samples for each sea shell and coconut shell of varying proportion. The 28 days compressive strength and tensile strength were tested using the Compressive Strength test and Split Tensile test, and an optimum percentage of replacement was determined. The 7 days compressive strength and split tensile strength were studied for the optimum percentage replacement to determine the early strength developed. As a result of these tests, it was determined that 20% replacement was the optimum replacement ratio for sea shells and 10% replacement was the optimum replacement ratio for coconut shells. Graphs were plotted to compare the strength variations of both the shells and a detailed comparative analysis was carried including cost analysis and analysis of variation in strengths.