Improvement in Percutaneous Absorption by Modulating the Temperature of oil/water Emulsion


  • Hye-Jin Kwon


Background/Objectives: Skin has a low absorption rate for active substances due to the permeation barrier. The present study used oil/water (o/w) emulsions to evaluate trans dermal absorption in vitro and in vivo.
Methods: Comparative evaluation was performed by varying the emulsion’s temperature conditions, which could affect transmittance. The absorbed active substances were quantitatively evaluated by high-performance liquid chromatography, and the average transmittance was calculated by examining the flux value of each group.
Findings: As a result, trans dermal absorption at 42°C doubled at 10 minutes after application and tripled at 15 minutes after application compared with the normal skin temperature. The higher the temperature of the emulsion, the higher the trans mittance. Clinical evaluation of the skin revealed that no clinical subject showed specific adverse reactions but all exhibited a significant effect on moisture and oil content.
Improvements/Applications: The o/w emulsion prepared here can be applied to various suitable cosmetic products and beauty devices because of its increased trans dermal permeability according to the temperature proposed in this study.