Electrolytic Sterilization Washing System with CNT Cathode


  • Doo Hee Han


Background/Objectives: Hydrogen water was developed for health, but recent tests have shown that it has good sterilization and cleaning functions. If you can sterilize and wash fruits and meats without using detergents, you can create new demand.
Methods/Statistical analysis: An electrolysis device using platinum group-coated titanium as an anode and a carbon nanotube (CNT) and a plastic composite as a cathode was made, and the hydrogen water produced therein was used as washing water.
Findings: The pesticides and bacteria were completely removed by washing the crops, fruit, meats, etc. with hydrogen water. The device could be applied to a steaming process to purify contaminated wastewater. In addition, the ginseng was washed to completely remove the pesticides and bacteria.
Improvements/Applications: Its small size makes it possible to produce drinking hydrogen water, and the three-wavelength can wash the car without using detergent. In this case, environmental pollution by wastewater discharge can be prevented.